Christmas Holiday

This was my 33th Christmas holiday while being an educator. The first 20 years I worked 50 a 60 hours per week (with great pleasure!), then gradually reduced to 45, so you don’t have to work in holidays (:-)). Meanwhile, to stand and to carry bags was almost impossible, so I did go on with a special chair to sit – stand in the classroom and to give colleges and a rollator (a walker?) to sit on doing little conversations in the hallway and for wearing my bag. About 5 years I so continued. Although all I was doing was working. No more energy for socializing, entertainment, cooking and so on. Already a number of years, after a gradual reduction,  I now work only 12 hours per week. And in all those years, I’ve always worked in holiday periods. I never made a hard difference between work and further daily life and did not mind that the work activities did not stop when the holiday began.
But even all those years my plans for the Christmas holidays to do tasks that are really needed, were not released. This year I again was able to NOT do the work I had planned. But now, since I just work a few hours a week, I have a good social life. I cook (good and with pleasure), I do wine as a hobby, I see what the children do in theater and on TV, and since April 2008 I added a new dimension to my life starting in the project Homo Zappiens. And with doing the course CCK08 I discovered blogging, Twitter, Jaiku, etc. etc.  This holiday I was really very busy with work-related things like the Internet, Web 2.0, social media, e-learning and so on. I have, really!, kept my many feeds, I think I have almost daily said something on Twitter, I read documents recommended by others, but I have NOT written the parts I had to, and now still has to, for my work. That ‘s not a great problem, because that is of course possible next week too. And work under pressure, I luckely still can. And if your week-task is so little like mine is now, the amount of work is also not very much. From tomorrow it again is business as usual. Holiday over. Going to work with pleasure and do what is expected of me.

Oh yes, where I have used this holiday for: trying out what the iPhone can do, added apps, some useful, some purely for fun as iLava, iSteam, the Wine Guide, Wine & Dine, Free Drinks, BigOven. So work and daily life come together. Without Homo Zappiens and CCK08 I was not started with something like an iPhone! And for the first time in my life I started shooting photo’s and it seems I do well. And now I participate in 365photos, make every day 1 photo and save it in the Flickr Group 365photos .

Life is (despite all the misery in the world and sad things in my own small live) fun. I hope in this year again to enjoy what comes on my path.