Not very active but still learning #fslt12

My participating in the course First Steps into Learning & Teaching in Higher Education is just how I do my learning now-a-days. All mails arrive in my mailbox and I scan the content. I read here and there and I think about how I did for instance my reflection and how I asked students to reflect. With colleagues I discovered a lot of non-reflection because students had to use standard forms instead of had the possibility to do it in their own way. Not good at all I think. And also there were much to many moments in the curriculum students had to write a reflection paper, boring!!! Make your course attractive, let them see why it sometimes can be very good to reflect on your own learning and participating in education, but let them discover self how it works for them. The theory often used in The Netherlands, Korthagen, and formulated goals have to be SMART, Specific, Measurable, Activating, Realistic and with Time-planning. My experience is that students in later years of their study don’t like such theoretical formats and can be better reflective persons if they are allowed to work with own ideas and open possibilities. Let hem start a weblog and after certain time they appear in a position to be reflecting without it is prescribed on just that moment…

And about working in groups. Learning is certainly not the same as working. I have experienced that making a choice for a certain group to study is better than have to study in a group the teacher has chosen. Of course it is true that during a job it is not always possible to choose the people in your team, but to force students in certain groups to study together is not the right way to handle that problem I think. Let them choose their study partners and make the chance greater they enjoy studying wich is very important in my opinion.

I’ll go on reading, thinking, studying and occasionally reflect a bit on this weblog.


First steps

Today I do my first steps into the MOOC First Steps into Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, #fslt12 . I am working in Higher education for 28 years now. Though I felt a strong need I want to be a part of this online course and use the possibility to learn and share. For me learning is always going on. I did MOOC’s earlier and it was great to do. But…., I am more a lurker as a participant. I did not write my blog, I did not participate in all readings and meetings on line. But for me this is a wonderful way to be in touch with inspiring people all over the world. Twitter has become my most valuable source of information about education and all new possibilities trough the internet and all the tools there are. I love working with my iPad. I teach colleagues in my institute to use all the new stuff in their courses and I also teach students doing a Master Learning and Innovating.

What I like the most on my job is the possibility to help people to learn and to discover new ways of learning and teaching. Given many evaluative responses to my work in all the years I do my job, I think I can say I am a good teacher :-). Because of my physical limitations I can’t work many hours anymore, but what I can do, I do still with a lot of fun and pleasure. I think that’s a very important ‘skill’ for working as an educator. Not alone, but surely also, in higher education.