#cck08 My Final Project, a paper.

In this paper I will answer a few questions as they are asked in the wiki cck08 for the final project.

What is the quality of my learning network? Diversity, depth, how connected am I?

I think that I have given a part of an answer in earlier blog posts. I am a member of a learning community Homo Zappiens and this is a group, a place, to learn mainly about how to give an educational answer to the challenges of this time, the internet and all the possibilities for learning it provides. Trough the time I am working and learning in this group, I have chosen to make accounts on many social sites.  Some of them I don’t visit often, others more and more since I made connection with participants on the course cck08. Twitter and Facebook are the most used on this moment I think. On Flickr I am a beginner. I never took photo’s till I bought my iPhone about 6 weeks ago. And till now I never made a video or film, so I did not try sites like Seesmic and You tube. My partner bought a camera with witch one filming is possible, so I will try in the coming time.

In the last half year I started two weblogs, one in Dutch and one in English. The English one was especially for cck08, but other people, colleagues,  has commented sometimes also. In the course it showed up to be a good place to be “seen” or “heard”. Several other participants read my blog and gave a comment that I liked very much. The Dutch blog is now seen by some my following Twitterers and of course by a few colleagues, though I think too few to be good.

Throughout the course I find many very interesting sites. On this moment my Google Reader is filled every day with more than 200 feeds. Most of them about e-learning, e- technique,  education, didactics, pedagogies,  media, general science, life hacking, delicious and iPhone J.  Weblogs from interesting writers and educators are among them, a lot par the course!  I have learned to manage so many feeds in a for me good working way. When not possible to read them all, no time or holidays or so, I just  click on Mark all as read and no problem at all. Someone told me that every interesting paper will come again one time and yes, that works!

I am satisfied with how I am connected to networks, people, learning possibilities. It costs a lot of time to hold contact and I don’t know if I can do so intense  in the future now the course has stopped. I am not very healthy and the last 12 weeks has cost me a lot of pain and fatigue. No problem I wanted it dearly. But…..

How has this course influence my view of the process of learning?

Years ago, when I was an adult and teacher a long time, I studied Nursing science. It was not possible to end the study because of my condition, but I was nearly at the end, did not make a dissertation. I learned  much about studying theories, but during this course I discovered that not being trained as a scientist is not easy to do a course like this. Nevertheless I had a lot of experience as a teacher and innovator, so I knew a lot about learning theories, pedagogic and didactics. Before starting this course I never had read or heard about Connectivism.  I had not thought a lot about all consequences of a new way of learning though I had made a very flexible and measured e-learning course before (see other blog post) . So on this moment I think I am more conscious about the way education shall and have to change. I also think it will take a lot of time to do so. But changes are already happening here in The Netherlands. Not enough, not on a large scale, not fast enough perhaps, but coming.

What types of questions are still outstanding?

No real answer on this question. There are always many questions about learning and teaching. The most important quality of a teacher is to inspire and motivate the learner what, how- and  wherever he or she is learning. Not the circumstances in itself are making that to learn gives a good feeling. However, new times need new methods, and they will rice new problems and new questions.

How can I incorporate connectivist principles in my design and delivery of learning?

It’s funny, though I have learned very much throughout this course, I think I was a connectivist all the time J. My way of living and my way of teaching has always been based on connections and to be connected to others. New is the full blown connection par the internet now. My work is to teach the teachers working in my institute Hogeschool Rotterdam. During my last years of professional teaching, I am 59 now, I surely I will use my knowledge of connectivism in every contact there is. I do so already and it will go on.  I cannot change my whole institute but I can inspire the few people I see to discover what is going on in teachers-land and make translations for their curriculums and their students. In January 2009 there will be a decision to start a new Learning Community for learning to design new courses using the possibilities of the internet and the world wide web, a community like Homo Zappiens is now. I will be involved in that decision and the program. That is a great moment to incorporate my new knowledge about connectivism!   

At last.

Again I will thank George Siemens and Stephen Downes very much for this opportunity to study in such a fascinating and inspiring way with so many people from all over the world.  Also thanks to all participants from whom I learned so much. I am glad it is done (because of my condition, I need more rest J), but I also will miss it very much!


2 thoughts on “#cck08 My Final Project, a paper.

  1. Hi Sia,

    nice post.

    I just realised I could have helped you writing a dissertation. (I too did not finish my Masters, but I can help you write a scientific paper). It would be good excercise for me too! 🙂

    so it’s a bit late now I realize. but give a call if you ever need to do it again.


  2. Hi Sia,
    Your paper really touches me, with anecdotes that are sensational.
    I admire you in your passion of learning, the can-do attitude. That’s not easy to emulate.
    You have already embraced the spirit of connectivism through your years of teaching experience. That’s how I see it.
    So, I sincerely wish you every success in this learning journey, ready to crossing the finishing line – two days to go? How about the start of another round of marathon? “joking only!”
    Best wishes.

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