#CCK08 Changing roles of educators, my second paper?

Two weeks ago I wrote my last post on this weblog. In the meantime I did not do very much work for cck08. I read the posts in Moodle in my mailbox, I did some posting in Facebook and on Twitter, but I lost my being connected a bit. Last Friday I was in the Ustreamsession and that was good. Now I will try to write a piece about the changing role of educators, a second paper?

This week I was on a congress in The Netherlands about e-learning,  http://owd2008.surf.nl/owd2008/. A lot of the presentations are on Slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/owd2008, but most of them are in Dutch. Still I want to share my experiences with readers of this blog. An impressing presentation was this one by Elenna Dugundji http://mediasite.uva.nl/mediasite/Viewer/Viewers/Viewer320TL.aspx?mode=Default&peid=6618b7b1-3b51-4c57-807b-90fcbf54b859&playerType=WM7&mode=Default&shouldResize=true&pid=60d0900e-b61e-495d-8e40-63c849b6e32f&playerType=WM7# . This was at an other place, but it was the same presentation. For me it was very nice to see how in Holland they also are working on international online education, however it was totally different from the course Connectivism. There was a question about why should you do all the efforts and the answer of Elenna was: because it is important to share as much as you can with as many people as possible. I liked that very much. I think it says something about the new, the changing role, of educators.

I also visited a presentation of Gill Ferrel of JISC http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/ 

http://www.slideshare.net/OWD2008/herding-cats-innovation-and-control-in-higher-education-gill-ferrell-presentation/ She is a very charming lady with a lot of humor. After a lot of graphs about learning-places and the influence on having respect to environment, she told about  a system for scenario-planning because it is necessary to look to the future in an other way than we are used to till now. http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/tools/scenario-planning

http://humedia.ning.com/ This is a NING page at the School for Journalism in Utrecht. In Dutch, but it gives a sight on how Job Twisk is working on being an educator in a new way, because he thought the school was loosing students interest because of not reaching them in a way they liked and find recognisable.

The most pleasant and most interesting session was from Wilfred Rubens. He used several techniques to make contact with people outside the room. His conclusion is that education should be personalized and that ICT is necessary to do so. An totally other way of being an educator in the near future.



A comment on this presentation says that this is a very old idea and that in his book-cabinet Carl Rogers still is an important person on the shelve! In Dutch on my bookshelf Leren in Vrijheid. “To learn in freedom” I think.



In my own work I have to make courses for the educators on using new web possibilities, web 2.0, the Internet as a friend instead as an enemy, how to use RSS, wiki, NING and so on. On the congress I used Twitter very much with the tag #owd2008. For me this was an experiment. I did use Twitter a bit before, but most of the time I felt a bit ridiculous doing so. And now it was suddenly a fine way to tell my colleagues what was happening. And I had contact with all the other Edubloggers and Twitterers also face-to-face while I did not know them before. That was a great experience. I felt belonging and therefor a very happy learner.

Being connected is I think very important for being able to learn. Feeling welcome and belonging are very helpful to be open to what others have to tell and what for you can be of great importance for live, work, happiness. I still don’t know if Connectivism is a theory, but for being an educator now a days it is very important to use all possibilities to be connected and using the Internet with all beautiful sites is for sure a way I want to continue.

If this is a real paper 2, no, I don’t think so. It is not very theoretical. But I am glad I made it and I am in the course again.

3 thoughts on “#CCK08 Changing roles of educators, my second paper?

  1. Hi Sia – nice to meet you again here!

    I have been absent myself, too, busy at work but today I have time to study CCK08 and first I came to your blog.

    I could follow your interesting links and I liked the idea of scenario planning. I is important to think about learning spaces, how do they look like, are they inspiring or not.

    Wilfred Rubens seems to be an interesting personality when developing technology enhanced learning.
    I know Rogers and other student-centered-learning ideas, they are not at all new. We have to remember this..

    I agree with you the idea of continueing the use of all possibilities (I have to try Twitter! you convinced me..)

    What are real papers, who decides it? If a writing is useful to somebody, it is real. This is pragmatism.
    Perhaps we should ask about real teachers, real teaching or real learning. Thanks for your blog, Sia

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  3. Hi Sia,

    allready commented on your post on twitter.
    just commenting to say this really nicely fit’s into our own question. “what competences does one need to learn/teach in a connected era”



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