CCK08 My power used for not being there.

There where a few reactions on my last blog-post. I liked that very much and it seems a sign that feeling a bit lonely was not only my problem. Because of the subject, loneliness at a life session, it seems a bit odd that I was not in the Elluminate Session on Wednesday and not in the Ustream Session on Friday this week. But really…, both happened only by to much other things to do. Wednesday my brother and sister in law asked me to have dinner with them in a Japanese restaurant and I said YES. And Friday an old friend was in my house visiting us and I had to cook and had really no time for the session. My not being there also had  nothing to do with the mail, the moodle-message, from Stephen! I liked that very much and read all, I said ALL, the responses in my mailbox and often laughed in myself.

Just a few moments ago I listened and looked to the session of Friday. Namely in the chat-room was a discussion about people having left the course because of the message of Stephen. If so, I think they were not very attracted to this course before also. If they only left because of the Stephen-message this is something I cannot understand very well. But for me, no problem, do as you like, choice your own way.

I am still here! But I do have a problem. I want to write a proper second paper, but I think it will cost me a lot of time and I will find it very difficult. Of course I have my Personal Control. I can do it, I can not do it.  I read almost every letter that was recommended by the course-organisers. I thought a lot about what my knowledge was and is now about learning-theories. But to write a good paper, not again one for a C- ( :-)), will not be easy. I still can not say in my own words in my second language what Connectivism is and means to me. Or, may be I could if I took a lot of time and energy to do so. Well, I am still here! I will read and listen further. I still do like it very much to be a participant in this course.  I’m a happy student! And, who knows, I will try to give words to my learning in a second paper in the following week. The C- is not the real problem, that’s OK when I deserve it, but to do what is asked in the scheme, that’s the problem on this moment. Well, we’ll see.

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  2. Hi Sia,
    First of all good luck to you while writing your 2nd paper. I’m sure you can do it. At least now you know what the criteria are and in fact they are not that new to you I suppose, knowing that you’ve been in education for years and years yourself.

    Secondly, is that spam that is creeping up in your blog ??? I can hardly imagine autocarsinsurance being interested in the things you’re writing, although you never know what drives the automotive industry ….;-))

  3. “I’m a happy student!” That’s a huge thing. As is the smile that came to my face when I read it. I love people loving learning. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Hi Sia,
    you do what you want to do – I mean our papers and marking schems. I decided to do my own criteria and assess myself. I think it is no sense in assessing me like a young university student. I have already graduated and I have certificates enough.
    Our next paper concerns teachers’ roles, changes happening in.
    I am much more interested in hearing your own thoughts and experiences than your citation of books and articles.
    I hope you can follow my thoughts..

  5. Hi Sia!
    I understand, I am also struggling to write the second paper but I’m sure we will do our best and keep learning. I’m happy because you’re a happy student.
    I vanished this week because of lack of power! Power in the sense of energy, I was sick in bed and didn’t have the energy to sit in front of the PC. The last thing I did was to post my cmap.
    A big hug.

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