cck08 Chaotic learning?

How chaotic and unpredictable learning can be! I wrote my first paper and this is what happened. I received a formal and clear comment from George. I was very, but surely positive, amazed. A bit ashamed also, but just a bit. I told my partner and meanly there was a lot of pleasure about such misunderstanding of my way of learning in this course. At first the comment of George, after that my reaction.

Assignment: Paper 1

Learner: Sia Vogel

Marker: George Siemens

Date:  October 16, 2008

Marking Criteria:



Arguments presented in the paper are supported with appropriate and relevant citations

Arguments presented in the paper are generally not supported. You have taken a conversational tone in the paper (which is fine!), but your arguments should still be supported.

Citations should include both course discussion (blogs, Moodle forums, live discussions in elluminate and Ustream) and course readings.

Citations are not included.

Synthesis and integration of various concepts discussed during the course

Synthesis is achieved partly through the initial metaphor of gardening. However, a clear statement of personal views of connectivism is not offered.

Creativity and originality of ideas presented

As stated, the use of metaphor is a good start. I would liked to have seen that lead into a discussion about your own views of connectivism.

 Grade: C-


Hi Sia – thanks for submitting your paper. Unfortunately, you didn’t directly address the key requirement of this paper. The marking scheme was shared earlier (please let me know if you need a copy). In your next paper, please revisit the submission criteria before submitting. I think you have much to offer in our discussion on connectivism…and if you present your ideas as defined by the assignment requirements, your marks will improve. Please let me know if you have questions.

My reaction: 

Hello George,
I did not realise I had to write a formal paper, so I am sorry for what I wrote. I had it written just as other blogposts, sorry, sorry, sorry. Thank you very much for your comments. Next time I will try to write a real paper. I have never seen the marking scheme. Maybe just because I did not read all well. I read the Daily every day but anyway…  I even don’t know what a C- means, but it’s not so best I assume :-). I promise to try to do better next time!
I enjoy very much doing this course!

and thanks again.

Today I read all the Moodlecomments on chaos and complexity and I wrote this comment:

“I read all the contributions about this subject and I am a bit confused. I agree with Pierfranco for a great deal. Also with others. Before my work as a teacher of professionals, I was a teacher of nurses. I can’t see how I have to teach young nurses if there is only chaos and unpredictable learning. Working with competencies and a curriculum for 4 years, there is a lot of steering in the learning of the students I think. Of course they have to do the learning themselves, but I as a teacher brings a lot of what they have to learn in the program. And by testing them with demonstrations, tests, assessments, I will control if they can do the real job with the real patients and clients in the real hospitals. These students learn a lot via the Internet I think and know, but the most important things to learn are in training which each-other and in practice-situations. In groups I think and not in networks. And in complex, but less chaotic situations I think. Of course the real nursing-situation can be very chaotic, but the learning trajectory is better a bit organised? I have to think about this a lot more. And now week 7 is there. So much to learn, so much to do! But still enjoying it very much.”

Now, just after looking and listening to the presentation from George for this week, complexity stays, but chaos in my learning in this course is a bit more less then yesterday. Saturday I made a dinner for 6 persons with 6 courses. I am very good in cooking. They liked it very much. A complex task or only a complicated task, or just hard working because for me it is a lot of work but not very difficult. Once I learned to be a good cook, but not in one day or one month or even in one year. Learning about Connectivism and all there to belongs will be a during task for me I think.

4 thoughts on “cck08 Chaotic learning?

  1. Hi Sia!

    So you must be a “real student” or what is the right concept: credit student because you got feedback . I am studying for myself and that’s why I do not follow any rules and I told it in my first paper.

    It was interesting to see the criteria :
    – synthesis and integration of relevant concepts
    – creativity and originality
    Citations is something that is possible to do if needed or a good custom but not a criteria in my thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing your experience! you rule, really

  2. Hai Heli,
    Thanks for your comment. I was amazed about having an official review of George. I am not a credit-student. But I was glad with his reaction! Now I will try to do a second paper with using the criteria. Just because I like to try if I can. And yes, I am studying for myself also and I still like it very much.

  3. Hi Sia!
    Thanks for sharing your grading. I guess feedback is not related with being enroled as credit learner or not. I am enroled and expect my gradings some time before the course ends. You are a commited learner at that always pays off. Regardless the grade obtained I am glad that you received clear feedback, it helps to focus right?
    I enjoy reading you, you come with fresh views.
    See you around. Maru :X

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