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Since last week it seems a different world for me. I never really thought about if there was, is, a difference between groups, networks, collectives and so on. Now I had to. I was very impressed by the story of Stephen, That Group Feeling. I agree with the tendency about how groups can be of great influence, as well in a positive as a negative way. In my work this period is signed by a sort of conflict if a group of teachers that works and learns together in a Learning Community or a Community of Practice about using web 2.0 tools in curricula more or less must be steered to reach products. A kind of group-problems occur, members wishes to work as if this is a network and not a group I think. I don’t know yet if I understand all the differences, but for me it was very useful to think about this two concepts instead of only look at this group as a group. The whiteboard-photo of Stephen and the tables in the article of Dron and Anderson are helpful for thinking further on the usability of Internet, social software and web 2.0 for students.

My grow in groups and / of networks: this course has brought me friends in Facebook, I became a member of Connecting Online C009,, I don’t feel all the members of the course are in a group with me, but I sure feel a network CCK08.

Oh yes, and I think (or hope?) my English is improved.

2 thoughts on “cck08, about networks, groups, collectives

  1. Hi Sia!
    I had never landed on you blog before, I am glad I did so, thanks for sharing.
    I also see the participants of CCK08 as a network and belong to CCK09. For me it was also useful to think about group and network as separated, I think I have a clear idea of which groups I belong to but I can see now some elements of those groups acting within a group as network. This is the first time I engage with people and learning nodes as network, that I keep in mind connecting with a purpose not precisely to form long lasting bonds, it is odd for me.
    Please keep me posted about your work issues, I would like to know what kind of products you and your colleagues have in mind.
    See you around dear. Love: Maru

  2. Yes it’s interesting to think of groups versus networks. As we’ re used to thinking in groups, because of the fact that we teach in groups, it seems odd to think of such a group also in the way of a network. It can be done but requires a different attitude.
    I had seen Stephen Downes describe these differences before and it has stuck in my mind since. It is definitely helpful and insightful.

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