# CCK08; My first short paper, my position on connectivism; to late (ha, ha)!

Yes, to late! Today it is 7 Oct. and the instruction said 6 Oct. (ha, ha). But I am very glad that this post is here today. My life is bounded by illness. I work 12 hours a week for the boss and the rest of the time if it is possible. Not all weeks it is possible to do a lot of work and study.  Our garden is very large, 1500 square meters, and it is very beautiful there this time of the year. So some time is needed to carefully walk into the garden and look to the flowers, trees, colours and be happy with all there is. To be connected to my environment and the people who there belongs, is of a great importance. Without house and garden and the partner that makes it possible to live here, it would not be possible for me to work a little and study as much as I can. Last week I read the paper Learning network and Connective Knowledge again. This morning I looked to the presentation of Stephen about the differences between groups and networks and listened and looked to the presentation of George about Group and Network and finally I had a feeling of understanding what it is all about. The article That group-feeling from Stephen did me realise how many of what is happening in a learning-group like we used to work with in education, we don’t understand . Already 7 years ago I started a group of adult learners who wanted to be a Nurse after all and I composed a flexible, individual measured, digital, by the students self-steered curriculum. They worked with colleague-students they wanted to work with, if nobody wanted to work with someone I discussed with that person and the group if the problem was solvable, if not that person had to learn alone (what of course never happened!). I saw the students once a week actually for training skills and face to face discuss learning-problems, all other discussions, papers and so on happens through the ELO, not complete without problems, but then, years ago, a great happening.  I then discovered the greatness of the connective way of learning without knowing anything about the theory as I am studying now. I have to say, I still can’t tell if this is a new learning theory. I have to study a lot more, have to study again other concepts and theories as constructivism, connectionism, behaviourism before I dare talk reason about the subject. Also language stays a problem.  But on this moment I see the concept Connectivism as a very useful concept for education and learning. In my work we are trying to bring more web 2.0 in the curricula. In a special group of colleagues who is doing this, I tell them about my learning and discovering in this course and they like it and are interested. Because it is to early for me to explain all to them, I have told them to wait some more time. I hope it will be possible for me to write a better paper at the end of the course in December so my colleagues do understand better what Connectivism have to tell us.

A lot of what is discussed in Moodle I did not read. I try to follow the most interesting topics, I use to read the answers from Stephen and George, all in my email-account, to understand if the discussion can or can not bring anything to the theory, but it is to much and to difficult to follow all. Till now I disagree with most participants if they say things of which I think that it are believes and religion-based acceptances. I don’t believe in any god, so I let go of that part. No problem at all, enough to do and to learn. Still with great pleasure! And hopefully someday I will be able to explain Connectivism to my colleagues.

One thought on “# CCK08; My first short paper, my position on connectivism; to late (ha, ha)!

  1. It was very interesting to read your paper and especially I liked the decriptions of your teaching experiences. It is true that connectivism resembles many earlier (good:) ) theories. I have adult students in Teacher Education and we force them to find their own learning concepts and theories about teaching. My work has learnt me more than books (both are needed).

    This is a nice journey, let’s continue!

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