My thoughts about the Ustream meeting 19 sept. 2008



19 sept. 14.00h.

A lot of work to be prepared for the evening shift of Ustream course Collectivism at 18.00 h. Beautiful day outside!

19 sept. 17.00h. if you are interested

19 sept. 24.00h.

Find the discussion on Ustream about Connective Knowledge very difficult. Don’t believe in God, didn’t like what they said about dead persons are in our networks.

19 sept. 24.00h.

Maybe a part of my problem was the language, but I think a big part was really not my cup of tea because of a totally other way of thinking.


Friends in Jaiku asked me questions about what I said at 24.00h. and this were my answers this morning, 20 sept. 12.00h.

·         Are all important dead people, Wittgenstein, Nietzsche and so on, in our network because we refer to them in our discussions. For me that’s theoretical “gezever”. I can learn from them on this moment, but I can’t talk with them and agree or disagree about what knowledge is, how people learn, or connectivism is a theory or not.

·         Religion and spiritual ideas are often confusing discussions about all human thinking, human responsibility’s, choices in how to deal with “the others” in groups, classrooms and so on. That’s what happened yesterday-evening, but I did not understand every word, have to listen again to the taped discussion. Don’t know if I want to :-). To nice weather for working today.

So I was working from 10.30 h till now and it feels good to discus and think about what happened to me after the Ustream meeting. I learned again that irritation will not help me in becoming wiser and that’s what is important for me. Later I will listen to the meeting, I know that for sure, and then I will go on discussing learning, knowledge, theories and so on.

One thought on “My thoughts about the Ustream meeting 19 sept. 2008

  1. wow! that’s some heavy stuff.

    1. It think it’s dangerous and confusing to mix religion and world views in these “open discussions”. It has quite a polarising effect.


    2. all our actions (inlcuding learning) stem from these beliefs and world views. especially nowadays.

    I find this to be especially true for my own learning. And I see the same things with my friends. Everybody is gravitating towards some dictum (e.g. do it for myself; for the greater good; or because the rest is evil; etc.). (You can see this in the discussions in the werkplaats too)

    I too am learning from this discussion (like you said), and your mention of “the others” are becoming clearer in this context. “everybody is the other”

    And these differences are important in learning (and action)

    another thing i’ve learned is that “irritation” is the source of all learning. learning is outside the “comfort” zone. Just dont go “way out” of the comfort zone (like I do sometimes…), cause you’ll lose any reference (and maybe yourself).

    thanks for sharing!

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