My experience with the course Connectivism till now.

Till now I am very glad that I decided to participate in this course. The Web 2.0 issues are important in my work-sphere just since febr. 08. I am a participant in a working-group Homo Zappiens to learn what is necessary to educate teachers in my institute (an institute for Higher Education in the Netherlands). When I saw this course I felt very motivated to learn how the Internet gives an other theory about learning by connecting. So far it is very much work but also very inspiring. I am partially at home because of illness so I have more time than others to read en look at the presentations. For me it is not overwhelming. I am very good in making choices I think partly because of my illness which makes that necessary. Till now for me it is difficult, partly by the language) to join in the discussions, but I know there will be a day that I dare do so!

This is what I wrote in a comment on the blog Connectivism & Connective Knowledge ( responding to an article from Georg Siemens  “Where does the learning occur?” This is the second week of the course. I read almost every letter (even in my bed instead of literature!), I viewed several video’s, I participated a bit in an Elluminate session, the Ustream session I missed because I thought it would be an hour earlier, I am not able to explain what Connectivism is on this moment, but I am enjoying all this very much. This evening the second Elluminate session will take place. I hope my microphone will work this time and who knows, may be I dare to say something to all that other participants. Have I learned so far, yes, yes, yes, I have learned very much!

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