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This is my first blog in English. One day I did a very complicated reading at an international congress in London. In that period I did also this kind of things in Amsterdam or Groningen. And OK, I was a little more nervous then I was doing presentations in Dutch, but I think it was not a great problem to me. I have been out of the worksphere a havy time and came back for just 12 hrs a week. And I did no longer great congresses, nor in Holland or in any other country. Now I am 59 and I started a few months ago in a learning community at my work, an institute for Higher Education, Hogeschool Rotterdam, to learn about web 2.0 and the possibilities to work with several applications in different curricula at the HR. My work is to teach professionals in different issues, on this moment especially teachers on the issue of digital didactics and web 2.0 (what ever that will be).  In earlier times I was already very interested in the web and internet for a long time. I was an active worker when the HR made a choice for an electronic learning environment, a learning management system and a digital portfolio. And now, troughout my participation in the learning community Homo Zappiens (to zap) I was confronted with the course Connectivism…. So now is the time to use my capacities in writing English again. It is difficult, but I certain will try it the period of the course, 12 weeks! And then I will see if it is of any use to me or another person to go on with it. For the moment I am very glad that I am a participant in the course to become World Wide Wiser. It is a lot of work but is giving me a lot back. In the weeks before the start and in this week so far, I have learned very much. For me it is clear that online – networklearning gives connective knowledge. I was in the first meeting in Elluminate, I will be in the Ustream-performance tomorrow, I listened to the presentations of both our “teachers” at E Fest, I am a glad student! 

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  1. Hello from Kingston Canada!

    English isn’t my first language either, and I can appreciate how difficult it can be to express oneself in another language. I feel I could writ so much more eloquently in my native language (French in this case), and this is why it sometimes frustrate me to have to write in English. It is worth the effort, however, simply because more people can be reached. If I knew Mandarin, I would use it too, but unfortunately I don’t! 😉

    The course has also been a great eye opener so far, and I am enjoying it thoroughly. What I particularly like is the opportunity to get to connec with interesting people, like you, who live on another continent and have a totally life and work experience.

    Keep writing!

    Louise Cote aka Blanche Maynard (SL and Twitter)

  2. Hi Siavogel

    a title similar to mine first post in my new blog for the cck08 course: WOW! My English blog.

    Nice also to descover people of my own generation – I’m 60 years young – in this course.

    See you soon


  3. So nice to read your blog! I have begun my first blog in English and I am 60 years young, too!
    Greetings from Finland,

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